Is buying a turnkey website a good idea?

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Preloaded dropshipping websites can save you a lot of time and money. It is so much easier than making your own and saves you a lot of stress too. You don’t have to start from scratch, and you inherit some traffic and potential income.

Drop shipping websites do not sell for pennies, they could cost some real cash. Before splurging your hard-earned money on such a venture, you want to ensure that everything is right with it, and it is a potential profit machine even if its a new site.

Preferably you would want to get a dropshipping website that has a minimum of 8 months income. The sustainability of the revenue also matters as you would need it to continue generating as much money as is reasonable. However, purchasing a drop shipping website with eight months of income will not be cheap. Most websites sell for 25 times their monthly average income.

So a great option for anyone who wants to purchase a website is to invest in a preloaded website. The price is affordable, and a preloaded website gives you the ability to start marketing and start generating sales soon after purchase.

Sure a new preloaded website might not come with sales, but the benefits are they give you a start and allow you to save a massive amount of time on the website build.

So how can you know that a drop shipping website is generating enough income, and will continue to be a money mine even after purchase? Well, there are a few things you should consider before taking a bold step to purchase an established drop shipping website with traffic from any vendor.

Why Should You Buy a Preloaded drop Shipping Website?

Additional income for one, most people start websites for the passive income. Sure there are some sites created without the intention of creating money. However, any website that generates enough traffic will also create more time commitment for the owner. So it best to get paid for your efforts.

preloaded website allows you to create that extra income without the time committed to building the actual website.

Things to Consider before buying a preloaded dropshipping website.

Some necessary things should be considered before buying a dropshipping website is marketing, budget, niche and vendor support.

Marketing: Whether you decide to purchase a preloaded website or purchase a custom build, you still need to advertise your store. You need to consider the cost of advertising on any platform. Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram can all be used as a free or paid marketing tool.

Purchase a preloaded website from WordPress Niche Blogs – Generate Passive Income With Your Own Dropshipping Website and get access to free step by step video marketing training.

Dropship vendors: The value of the dropship vendors on the website is also something to look into. Dropship websites should have a lasting relationship with the vendors that supply the goods. An excellent drop shipping vendor will assist with any issues related to their products. They will also ship items quickly and are easy to contact.

Budget: At the end of the day, you also have to consider how much you are willing and able to spend on growing a preloaded dropshipping website. As mentioned earlier marketing is a must for any site, and it can be free or paid marketing. However, paid marketing get measurable and quick results while free forms of marking will scale your site slowly and consistently over time. So it’s up to you as a business owner as to which route you want to take.

Your Dropshipping Niche: A great drop shipping niche is key. If you are using free forms of marketing, you want to choose a niche that you can bring value too. Reason being free marketing most often results in writing blogs and adding valuable social media post. However, if you plan on using paid marketing, find a niche where buyers have to go online to get the product. Choose a product where the majority of people can’t buy from a local Walmart.

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